Analyst Profile

Dave Aron

Dave Aron

VP Distinguished Analyst

32 years industry experience
United Kingdom

Roles and Responsibilities

Dave Aron is a Vice President and Gartner Fellow in the CIO Research group, focusing on IT leadership issues. Mr. Aron leads the Gartner CIO survey and he is a thought leader on digital business strategy, IT strategy and leadership. He has received Gartner's Analyst of the Year Award, created Gartner's IT strategy framework and originated the concept and term "bimodal." He has taught business and IT topics at a number of business schools, including London Business School, Oxford University's Said Business School and Henley Business School.

Areas of Coverage

  • IT Management


Previous Experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Aron had 10 years of experience as a technologist and five years as a business strategy consultant. As a technologist, Mr. Aron ran IT systems at banks and in the utilities industry. He also held a CTO position at a wireless Internet startup. Mr. Aron's strategy work has included supporting merger and acquisition deals, establishing corporate venturing processes, facilitating corporate strategy processes and evaluating market opportunities. Mr. Aron has worked for McKinsey and has consulted independently.

Professional Background

Baring Securities, Systems and Security Manager, 4 years
McKinsey, Associate, 2 years
Xtempus, CTO, 2 years

Industry Awards/Accolades

Chartered IT Professional (CITP)
Fellow of British Computer Society (FBCS)
Gartner Analyst of the Year, 2009


B.Sc. (I), Queen Mary College
M.B.A., London Business School