Analyst Profile

Eric Ahlm

Eric Ahlm

Sr Director Analyst

12 years at Gartner,  26 years industry experience

Location:  GA USA  | Language(s):  English

Roles and Responsibilities

In 2020, Mr. Ahlm joined the GTP (Gartner for tech professionals) team. In this role, Mr. Ahlm focuses primarily on security operations and specializes in talking with SOC managers and architects. Within security operations, Mr. Ahlm frequently takes calls on topics such as SIEM, SOAR, Incident response, SOC best practices, and Insider threat. Outside of these mainstream technologies, Mr. Ahlm also follows tech trends that have an impact within security operations such as Machine Learning concepts for threat detection, application of General Data Science to security operations, AI and automation as a practice and how to think about the SOC of the future. As part of the research process, Mr. Ahlm regularly talks with technologies and service providers in this space to understand the latest innovations from incumbent providers as well as emerging offerings from start up providers. Often customers come to Mr. Ahlm with problems in their broader threat detection and response practice such as alert fatigue, detection challenges, poor SOC metrics, how to start a new initiative (such as a SOC, security monitoring, or IR practice), extend SOC functions to new environments, or general questions about monitoring architecture.


Previous Experience

Prior to his role in GTP, Eric worked as a research director for Gartner on their TS&P team for 8 years. There Mr. Ahlm researched a broad range of security technologies such as SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, Firewalls, and deception. In that role, Mr. Ahlm primarily advised vendors about market trends.

Professional Background

  • Cisco Systems, Security Specialist, 5 years
  • Symantec, Security Partner Channel Manager, 1 year
  • Vigilar, Director of Emerging Technologies, 5 years


  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Technologies (BSEET), 1998