Analyst Profile

Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens

Research Director

5 years at Gartner ,  14 years industry experience
United Kingdom

Roles and Responsibilities

As an analyst, Andrew Stevens helps organizations within the life sciences, medical devices and healthcare sectors with end-to-end supply chain best practices, methodologies, maturity assessments and key insights for aligning to new modes of healthcare delivery, product differentiation and patient outcomes. Mr. Stevens also assists clients in IT capabilities for extended levels of visibility, interconnectivity and business intelligence for laying foundations for embracing digital and the Internet of Things (IoT) in Life Sciences Organizations. Mr. Stevens' major focus of research has been in a comprehensive research library focusing on the developing global regulations, planning for key compliance milestones, supply chain best practices and technology capabilities for track and trace, and serialization in pharmaceuticals, and also for the parallel unique device identification (UDI) in the medical devices sector. He has now extended his research to address momentum for extended levels of product integrity and traceability for ensuring food safety and quality in the food and beverages industry, and planning around important legislations and compliance milestones for full end-to-end supply chain traceability ("farm to fork") with the emerging regulatory landscape with acts such as the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) in U.S. Ongoing research coverage also includes the use of digital apps, services and analytics capabilities for data capture such as barcoding, wearables, diagnostics, RFID and scoping the future potential for nanotechnology and Blockchain across the supply chain. Other closely related research areas that Mr. Stevens works across (primarily in the Life Sciences Industry) are regulations and regulatory diversity, physical packaging and labelling security, authentication and verification, risk management and long-range planning, 3D printing trends, product life cycle management (PLM) and product portfolio management.

Areas of Coverage

  • Supply Chain


Previous Experience

**Novartis** Sitewide Project Leader for implementation of a real-time processing and inventory solutions across all levels of the business, and as an initiator for a full MES roll out. Raw Materials, API, NPIs and intermediate batch processing integrated solution through SAP. **Pfizer** End-to-End Supply Chain responsibility for a diverse range of API, Semi-Finished Goods, NPIs as well as Comparator Molecules and Peripheral Clinical Supplies .Sandwich site specialized in technically challenging molecules and recently Regulatory (FDA) approved pharmaceuticals products post-Clinical Trials. **Cisco** Demand management utilizing DRP/MRP and APO to support very rapid period of growth in the EMEA and Africa service depot network. NPI product life cycle management. Strategic roll out of a European 24/7 rapid fulfilment distribution depot network - in house depots, managed third-party depots and unmanned inventory depots. **Samsung Semiconductor** Development, coaching and training of new European Supply Chain Function - 4 strong team. Demand Planning, Inventory Management, Forecasting and Short-Term Scheduling. Production Planning and Master Scheduling for in-house production facilities in Korea and global contract manufacturing vendors. SAP team implementation member and modular expert - Implementation achieved within 6 months.

Professional Background

Cisco Systems, Supply Chain Manager, 5 years
Pfizer, Supply Chain Manager, 6 years
Samsung Semiconductor Europe, Production and Demand Planning Manager, 5 years


B.Sc., With Honors, Chemistry