Analyst Profile

Michelle DeClue

Michelle DeClue

VP Analyst

7 years at Gartner,  29 years industry experience

Location:  IL USA  | Language(s):  English

Roles and Responsibilities

Michelle Duerst is a cross-practice leader of emerging theme, Digital Twin of a Customer, a co-leader of Total Experience (Top Strategic Technology Trend), and the industries lead for CX CORE (Customer Organization Relationship Experience). Michelle developed Stop Firefighting, Start Trailblazing Digital Initiatives workshop to help clients save 6 figures on digital initiatives. This focuses on how to build a business case as well as understanding how technology can impact employee burnout. Michelle has led Manufacturing trend work, but specializes in Consumer Goods, including: - Total Experience - Digital + Product Experience - Customer Engagement - Direct-To-Consumer - Personalized Products - Ecosystems Partnerships - Corporate Social Responsibility - Environmental Sustainability - Traceability Michelle's technology/vendor coverage focuses on product lifecycle management and product portfolio management for formulated/recipe-based products. This includes Product/Service management throughout all stages of the lifecycle: from the initial strategy, through ideation, innovation, launch, modification and finally, retirement. In addition to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, these can include B2B, pharmaceutical, chemicals, paint, ink, and coatings.


Previous Experience

Prior to Gartner, as Global Director of Marketing at Selerant, Ms. Duerst engaged with customers spanning multiple industries to find out their pain points. This information was used to create customer-centric support in the form of presentations, written documentation and one-to-one meetings.

Professional Background

  • Primavera Systems (acquired by Oracle), Copywriter, 2 years
  • SASI (acquired by SAP), Technical Writer and Quality Assurance, 2 years
  • Selerant, Global Director of Marketing and PLM Subject Matter Expert, 13 years


  • B.A., Mass Communications, Lipscomb University