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Gaspar Valdivia

Gaspar Valdivia

Sr Director Analyst

6 years at Gartner,  28 years' experience

Location:  Spain  |  Language(s):  English, Spanish

Roles and Responsibilities

Gaspar Valdivia is a Senior Director Analyst in the CIO Research Group at Gartner. Mr. Valdivia's research coverage is focused on enterprise networking services market, particularly on wide area networks, internet, and private cloud connectivity, as well as the adoption of 5G for enterprise services. He supports clients in aspects such as evaluation of WAN services and service providers, trend and evolution of network services, WAN architectures, hybrid WAN, internet connectivity, broadband services, SD-WAN, cloud connectivity services and use of wireless connectivity, including 5G, for enterprise networking use cases. He has also helped product leaders at communication service providers evolve their enterprise service portfolios and offerings through the adoption of software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies. Mr Valdivia is lead analyst for BT Group within Gartner.


Previous Experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Valdivia held several positions at Telefonica, last being the Director of Enterprise Networking Services. Among other things, he led the evolution of networking services portfolio toward the adoption of SDN/NFV technologies and the launch of first SD-WAN and cloud VPN services. His background is mostly in product strategy, business development and go-to-market.

Professional Background

  • Telefonica Business Solutions, Director Enterprise Networking Services, 2 years
  • Telefonica, Director Product Marketing Global Services, 3 years
  • Telefonica, Head of Strategy at Multinational Customers Solutions, 3 years


  • Master of Business Administration, Executive MBA, Instituto de Empresa
  • Master of Telecommunications Engineering, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid