Analyst Profile

Katie Gove

Katie Gove

Sr Director Analyst

5 years at Gartner,  28 years industry experience

Location:  Denmark  | Language(s):  Danish, English

Roles and Responsibilities

Katie Gove is a Senior Director-Analyst in Gartner's Technology and Service Provider Research where she is on the General Managers team. Ms. Gove covers the IT and business services market. She advises IT service providers on growth and market opportunities, go-to-market and differentiation strategies. Her coverage includes digital business services; technology consulting services; business consulting services; the talent crunch; country options for talent, location decision-making including nearshoring/offshoring. Some of her Symposium/Conference/webinar presentations include the following: *The Gartner 2023 Leadership Vision for Technology General Managers (webinar) *Addressing the Unprecedented IT Talent Crunch--Go Big or Go Home (Research Connection webinar) *Why You Need an Industry-Focused Marketing Strategy (webinar) *Why Service Providers Need to Innovate in their Own Customers' Journeys With Them *Where and How to Find Talent-Offshore, Nearshore, Onshore and Noshore *CIO Guide to RPA (Robotic Process Automation): From Hype to Reality *The Increasing Demand for Nearshore IT and Business Services *Fresh Approaches to Selecting Digital Business Consulting Service Providers


Previous Experience

Ms. Gove has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and research with a focus on developing application and business services strategies and leveraging outsourcing and near/offshoring models to meet business needs. Her primary focus areas have been working with IT and business leaders in developing and aligning strategies that deliver business value. She has also been involved in multiyear IT and ITeS sector development through projects in emerging countries like Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. She has 18 years of consulting experience, 14 years with IT/technology delivery and management, 17 years with IT/technology and market analysis, and 6 years with IT/ITeS sector development in developing countries.

Professional Background

  • Catalyst/Perikon, Senior Consultant (Strategy/Implementation and IT) , 4 years
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, Managing Producer-Global (IT Development/Implementation), 5 years
  • Trellis, Managing Director (Outsourcing/Offshoring Consulting and Research), 9 years


  • B.S.F.S., International Relations-Politics, Law and Organisation, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
  • M.A., International Relations and Communications, Boston University