Analyst Profile

Kay Sharpington

Kay Sharpington

Sr Principal, Research

5 years at Gartner,  10 years industry experience

Location:  United Kingdom  | Language(s):  English

Roles and Responsibilities

Kay Sharpington is a Senior Principal in Gartner's Quantitative Innovation research group. Ms. Sharpington carries out quantitative research and contributes to the Internet of Things use case and endpoint forecast, giving clients essential data for their product planning and sizing their market opportunity. Her focus areas are IoT forecasting, IoT insights and market assumptions across both commercial and industrial IoT, and helping clients to understand the trends and factors driving those markets.


Previous Experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Sharpington was an analyst for a business consultancy specializing in the technology sectors. She developed bespoke market forecast models and reports which explained market dynamics and she provided actionable recommendations to underpin clients' strategic decision making. Her insights helped product managers, marketers and tech CEOs to improve their product planning, segmentation, targeting and overall product strategy.

Professional Background

  • Milner Strategic Marketing, Market Analyst, 4 years


  • B.A., Economics, University of Cambridge
  • Diploma in Professional Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • M.A. (Cantab), University of Cambridge