Analyst Profile

Pieter den Hamer

Pieter den Hamer

Sr Director Analyst

5 years at Gartner,  32 years industry experience

Location:  Netherlands  | Language(s):  Dutch, English

Roles and Responsibilities

Dr. Pieter J. den Hamer is a Senior Research Director, covering artificial intelligence and related topics such as data science, optimization and decision intelligence. In his work, he is focused on the creation of societal and business value from data, analytics and (artificial) intelligence as key enabler of digital innovation in enterprises and ecosystems.


Previous Experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Pieter den Hamer held several leading positions in the energy, transportation, public and other sectors, bearing both managerial and technical responsibility for a myriad of data and analytics initiatives. These included applications in IoT, smart cities, smart grids, multi agent systems, supply chain optimization and other emerging and real-time technologies. He has 30 years of IT industry experience, amongst others at CIBIT, a Dutch research/consultancy/education firm in AI and BI, at DNVGL research & innovation in Norway, and at Alliander, a large Dutch-German energy distribution company. In addition, he has written several books and papers and has been an active associate at Utrecht University.

Professional Background

  • Alliander, lead big data, BI & analytics, deputy CTO, 5 years
  • DNVGL, research programme director, 3 years
  • Others, including Capgemini & CIBIT, principal analytics & co-founder and managing partner, 11 years


  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Utrecht University
  • PhD in AI and complex ecosystems, Utrecht University