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David Pidsley

David Pidsley

Sr Director Analyst

3 years at Gartner,  18 years' experience

Location:  United Kingdom  |  Language(s):  English

Roles and Responsibilities

David Pidsley is a Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, where he focuses on Analytics, BI and Data Science solutions for Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAOs) and Data and Analytics (D&A) Leaders. He provides Research & Advisory on D&A strategy, emerging analytics technology trends and decision intelligence. Primarily, David works with organizations creating an actionable D&A strategy, business case and establishing and evolving an operating models (roles, organization, RACI matrix) and IT Score for D&A maturity benchmarking. He helps in demonstrating return on investment (ROI), how to measure business outcomes and value of D&A products and cost optimization of funding and budgets. He guides those engaging D&A stakeholders and aligning expectations for adoption of business analytics and data science in the evolving digital workplace. His experience includes driving culture change to support data-driven decisions, data literacy, and data democratization for analytics consumers of automated insights. His secondary focus is identifying business and emerging analytics technology trends in analytics and business intelligence platforms and augmented analytics tools for specializing in self-service analytics, natural language query (NLQ), data storytelling, data visualization / dashboards, enterprise reporting, citizen data science and scientists (ML), mobile BI, analytics catalog, analytics collaboration capabilities and communities, metrics stores, embedded analytics, headless and analytics-as-code. Additionally, David helps clients in optimizing human decision making at scale with decision intelligence practices, addressing human factors / behavior and change management, complex business decision support, including use of search and insight engines and multistructured analytics over wide data. Connect with David for more on D&A strategy, emerging analytics technology trends and decision intelligence.


Previous Experience

David Pidsley is a British decision intelligence advisor bridging technology and business using AI. He joined Gartner in 2020 and has 18 years experience advising on business technology transformations. Before that, he was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Analytics at system integrator DXC Technology, having previously held three Head of Data, Analytics and BI roles and was founder of content intelligence company Cause Analytics, and earlier headed marketing strategy for UNIT4.

Professional Background

  • Cause Analytics, CEO, 7 years
  • DXC Technology, Analytics CTO, 2 years
  • UNIT4, Head of Strategic Marketing, 1 year


  • Visiting Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Southampton (2016/17)