For CIOs, soft skills produce hard results—the data proves it.

It’s not enough to be the best technologist. Or the smartest person in the room. There’s another important ability—an apparently very potent one—that determines the success of a CIO’s initiatives, and maybe even the length of their tenure.

What is this CIO "edge"? Authors Graham Waller, George Hallenbeck and Karen Rubenstrunk conducted three years of research into how great CIOs consistently exceed stakeholder expectations and maximize the business value delivered through their company’s technology. And they surfaced a consistent marker for success: the ability to forge superior working relationships to collaboratively deliver business results through people, by people and with people.

Backed by comprehensive research and interviews with CIOs (and their colleagues) at FedEx, P&G, American University, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Ford, AARP and many other companies, the authors prove that mastering seven essential "soft" skills yields big results.

Each skill is covered in a separate chapter, filled with practical strategies and ending with a "call to action" of valuable tips for enhancing these people-to-people leadership traits. Finally, the authors discuss how mastery of the seven skills leads to generating better results for your company and gaining greater fulfillment inside and outside work.

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Get ready to be inspired and change the way you think about leadership.
John Hinshaw
CIO, Boeing