It's a familiar story—A new innovation gets introduced to great fanfare. Excitement builds, press coverage proliferates, and the warning sounds: get on board now or be left in the dust.
Companies rush to adopt the innovation, often with a heavy investment—and then, when the promised bounty doesn't appear as quickly as anticipated, there's an equivalent rush to bail out. Down the road—sometimes years later—widespread acceptance of the innovation's true value takes hold, and it becomes a part of everyday business.

In Mastering the Hype Cycle, Jackie Fenn and Mark Raskino explain what drives this pattern—and how your company can avoid its potential dangers. By understanding the hype cycle, you can ride it more skillfully—timing your investment decisions so the innovations you adopt stand the best chance of succeeding in the long-term.

  • Building IT's reputation
    through innovation
  • "By demonstrating that IT could be imaginative and flexible at the leading edge of innovation, the entire IT department gained credibility in the eyes of the business."