CRM in 2020: The Gartner CRM Team's Perspective

Archived Published: 06 April 2010 ID: G00175725

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This research provides both collective and individual perspectives of Gartner analysts on key trends that will exert a substantial impact on CRM as a discipline by 2020.

Table of Contents

  • Analysis
    • 1.0 During the past 10 years, what percentage of organizations have measured the ROI from CRM?
      • 1.1 Aggregated CRM Analyst Perspective
      • 1.2 January 2010 CRM Analyst Debate Perspective
    • 2.0 Given that the percentage of SaaS-based CRM deployments in 2008 was 18%, what do you think it will be by 2020?
      • 2.1 Aggregated CRM Analyst Perspective
      • 2.2 January 2010 CRM Analyst Debate Perspective
    • 3.0 Given that e-commerce accounted for 6% of consumer retail sales in 2008, what percentage do you think it will be in 2020?
      • 3.1 Aggregated CRM Analyst Perspective
      • 3.2 January 2010 CRM Analyst Debate Perspective
    • 4.0 Given that Facebook had 120 million members in 2008, and 250 million in mid-2009, what do you think this will have changed to in 2020?
      • 4.1 Aggregated CRM Analyst Perspective
      • 4.2 January 2010 CRM Analyst Debate Perspective
    • 5.0 Which organization do you think is most likely to enter the CRM software market by 2020 and become a competitor?
      • 5.1 Aggregated CRM Analyst Perspective
      • 5.2 January 2010 CRM Analyst Debate Perspective
    • 6.0 During the past 10 years, what has been the most challenging of Gartner's Eight Building Blocks of CRM for most organizations?
      • 6.1 Aggregated CRM Analyst Perspective
      • 6.2 January 2010 CRM Analyst Debate Perspective
    • 7.0 Given that fewer than 10% of Fortune 1000 companies currently use active crowdsourcing as part of the new product or service development process, what percentage of Fortune 1000 companies will use active crowdsourcing for the same purpose in 2020?
      • 7.1 Aggregated CRM Analyst Perspective
      • 7.2 January 2010 CRM Analyst Debate Perspective
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