Coronavirus: Immediate Recommendations for Pipeline Generation

October 01, 2019

New customer acquisition during COVID-19 is extremely challenging but here are a few ways to successfully increase the pipeline.

The original version of this article, authored by Chris Moody, was published by TOPO, now Gartner. 

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting daily life, and marketing and sales leaders need to know how to rapidly adjust to this changing business landscape. In our survey of high-growth companies, 79% of respondents indicated that pipeline has moderately or significantly decreased due to the coronavirus.

Without access to traditional in-person activities, leaders are struggling to meet demand generation targets. They must increase outbound prospecting and explore digital and virtual substitutes.

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The cancellation of live events and conferences — one of the biggest categories of demand generation activities — has impacted the creation of pipeline for 87% of those surveyed.

Below are specific recommendations to help your organization quickly adapt to improve demand and pipeline in days, not weeks or months.


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