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Using High-Value Offers to Drive Virtual Selling Success

September 20, 2019

High-value sales offers should be buyer-centric, address information gaps, offer dynamic experiences and leverage expertise.

The original version of this article, authored by Kevin O'Malley, was published by TOPO, now Gartner. 

Over the past few months, we have addressed the importance of using extreme value in differentiating during a time of uncertainty. It’s important to understand the difference between extreme value and high-value offers, and how to use high-value offers to drive virtual selling success.

  • Extreme value: Actions that meet or exceed the buyer’s expectations across every touchpoint of the customer life cycle
  • High-value offer: An extremely valuable interaction with a prospect that provides useful information or shares an exclusive experience

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4 aspects of high-value offers

  1. Buyer-centric: The purpose of the meeting is to address a buyer’s known challenges and accelerate their time to business results.
  2. Addresses information gaps: Provide a point of view, insights and expertise to overcome known challenges.
  3. Dynamic experiences: Adjust the style, pace and tone of the meeting based on the needs of the buyer and their team.
  4. Expert facilitation: Leverage internal experts and facilitation skills to deliver an experience that prospects feel like they would pay for.

How to use high-value offers right now

High Value Offer Design

  1. Capture the buyer’s mission-critical priorities and known challenges.
  2. Select information gap → buyer experience → format
  3. Design the offer to help overcome challenges


Key takeaways

  • High-value offers are buyer-centric.
  • Design the offer to address information gaps.
  • Offer dynamic experiences to compel key stakeholders to attend.
  • Leverage expertise and facilitation to deliver exponential impact.
  • Start tomorrow.

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