AI and Machine Learning

Join Us and Benefit From:
  • Develop pervasive integration capabilities
  • Implement a hybrid integration platform (HIP)
  • Understand when microservcies are appropriate, and when they are not
  • Understand the impact of advancing/ emerging technologies on your application strategy
  • Create an application organization with the agility and flexibility to support today’s digital business demands
AI and Maching Learning Coverage at this Conference

At Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, we dive into AI and machine learning strategies, uses and implementation. Join us for two days full of insights to help you move your applications organization into the next era of digital business.

AI and Machine Learning Sessions Include
  • The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Coming Revolution in App Delivery — Chatbots, RPA and Event-Driven Architecture
  • Making Data Central to Your Development — Incorporating AI in Your App Development


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AI-Driven Development Is One of the 2019 Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends

By 2022, at least 40 percent of new application development projects will have AI co-developers on their team.


Application developers must start to partner with professional data scientists to create most AI-enhanced solutions to a model in which the professional developer can operate alone using predefined models delivered as a service.


This provides the developer with an ecosystem of AI algorithms and models, as well as development tools tailored to integrating AI capabilities and models into a solution. Another level of opportunity for professional application development arises as AI is applied to the development process itself to automate various data science, application development and testing functions.


Ultimately, highly advanced AI-powered development environments automating both functional and nonfunctional aspects of applications will give rise to a new age of the ‘citizen application developer’ where nonprofessionals will be able to use AI-driven tools to automatically generate new solutions. 


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