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Our partners are carefully selected for their affinity with Gartner products and services. Specifically, each partner provides valuable editorial, advertising and promotional coverage for our conferences in return for exposure to our delegates and sponsors.






In an age where the right information at the right time can make or break a deal, Australia's technology leaders rely on iTnews for their daily fix of accurate, up-to-the-minute news, analysis and research. Information and communications technology is the engine room of the modern business. Business leaders tell us they rely on iTnews to inform their strategy, make business cases for technology investments, set policies and chart their careers. Collectively, the team at iTnews has continuously won a swag of awards which include Technology Title of the Year, Best News Title, Best Editor, Best Business Journalist, Best News Journalist and Best Technical Journalist. The iTnews team also curates technology conferences and judges the annual Benchmark Awards for excellence in ICT project delivery. The iTnews website is an important hub for technology enthusiasts to discuss the issues that interest them. Few publications can boast such intimacy with its audience, connected via feedback comments and forums.


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Tech Wire Asia is an independent tech news website that covers enterprise and technology in Asia. In-depth features and analyses from writers and bloggers across Asia provide cultural insights, alongside daily news and stories. Tech Wire Asia focuses on the way start-ups and small-medium enterprises use technology to grow and prosper. Our content is written for innovators, entrepreneurs, business managers and change makers who are passionate about technology and turning ideas into solutions.


The team at Tech Wire Asia are part of Hybrid and includes writers from some of the world's best news organizations. Our readers come from a diverse range of countries in Asia and abroad. We're always keeping an eye out for exciting innovations, up-and-coming companies, and life-changing technology from around the region.


In addition to Tech Wire Asia, Hybrid is home to Travel Wire Asia, Asian Correspondent and Study International.


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