Integration is a crucial part of any IT organization and comes with its fair share of challenges. Application leaders must have a flexible strategy for integration - whether integrating third-party applications or internal systems - in order to modernize and transform the digital business.

By 2023, 65% of large organizations will enable their non-IT personnel to perform integration tasks

- Gartner Predicts

A Guidance Framework for Evaluating Application Integration Platforms

When seeking to update or extend integration capabilities, technical professionals responsible for evaluating application integration technologies should start by identifying personas and use cases. They can then measure the platform under evaluation against a prioritized list of features.

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Succeeding as an Application Leader in 2023

The effects of digital transformation have huge ramifications on the future of the application organization. New models of business engagement, different skills, advanced technology and a new approach to software delivery require a different kind of application leader to ensure success in 2023.

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We’ve got you covered

At Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit 2020, you’ll find sessions that help you tackle the challenge of integration. Join us this year to make sure your application strategy benefits from leading-edge insights on superior integration strategies.

Hot Topics:

  • Hybrid integration platform
  • Integrations in the cloud
  • Data hub strategies
  • Integration competency center
  • Postmodern ERP
  • AI in integration

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Webinar: Improve the Customer Experience With Data Integration for Midsize Enterprises

Webinar: Future of Applications

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