3 ways to Invest in Attracting the Right Application Talent

Gartner predicts: By 2020, IT development organizations that have embraced the product model will deliver 40% more differentiated software than the competition that has not.

1. Invest in people

Developers want to build innovative software


2. Invest in practices

Leading organizations are moving to product thinking


3. Invest in technology

Multiexperience development has the cool factor

Key challenges that application leaders face:
  • The cultural and structural composition of application development organizations are the main barriers to digital innovation, and application leaders struggle with how to make changes.
  • Most development organizations have not institutionalized modern processes, such as enterprise agile and DevOps, so they are unable to increase the velocity of their digital transformation.
  • "Killer" apps and digital experiences require modern tools, platforms and services that offer greater simplicity, but application leaders struggle to blend the new with the old.
Gartner recommends
Aplication leaders responsible for development strategies for digital business need to:
  • Hack the culture with small-but-powerful steps, such as redefining teams, roles and personas to drive greater collaboration and innovation.
  • Institutionalize "product thinking" into development processes that support continuous improvement and delivery with clear customer value.
  • Invest in new multiexperience technologies that maximize mesh app and service architecture (MASA), thereby improving the agility and quality of application development.
Take a look at three ways you can invest in attracting the right applications talent and be a leading applications organization. 

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