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Delivering on needs for Application leaders in 2019

1 How can I prepare for AI, RPA, Blockchain, IOT and other emerging Innovation trends?

Relevant Sessions


  • Ask the Analyst: Blockchain: Managing Business Expectations
  • RPA Can Deliver Rapid Digital Enablement
  • How to Use Event-Driven Computing for Continuously Intelligent Digital Business
  • Demystifying Hype Around Blockchain Adoption: Types of Initiatives and How They Add Value
  • To The Point: AI in Integration Technologies
  • Actionable Insights From 500+ IoT Implementations — Business and Technology Choices That Drove Good Outcomes
  • Ask the Analyst: Is Serverless Right for You?


  • Understand the current state of the Blockchain market, enterprise adoption, industry readiness and blockchain-based innovations.
  • Learn how RPA can be leveraged to deliver greater levels of productivity for the business and what applications and services should be modernized first.
  • Learn how business event thinking can improve the customer experience, developers’ agility, and operational efficiency for your organization and create a new synergy in the outcome of your business and IT.
  • Get an idea about different types of blockchain initiatives (from disruptive startups and enterprises), and how they provide value to help application leader.
  • Understand how to harness selfadjusting or self-learning AI approaches to equip your enterprises with a highly adaptive integration infrastructure.
  • Hear examples that outline what IoT success — and failure — looks like.
  • Get clarity on what applications you should move to serverless and if/when, it will dramatically cut costs and improve your agility.


  • Adrian Leow
  • David Norton
  • Aashish
  • Gupta
  • Eric Thoo
  • Ganesh Ramamoorthy

How do I strategize and architect for the future of digital business?

Relevant Sessions


  • Develop a Hybrid Application Platform (HAP) Strategy to Support Digital Business Transformation
  • Top Trends in Application Architecture That Enable Your Digital Business Transformation
  • Keynote: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Technical Debt (but Were Afraid to Ask)
  • Roundtable: The Path to Microservices
  • Choose PaaS Wisely
  • Achieve Digital Dexterity With Effective Product Management of Digital Productsand Platforms
  • Opening Keynote: Optimize, Integrate and Transform to Achieve Your Digital Future
  • Building Support for Moving From Projects to Products
  • Tutorial: Introducing the Cloud Spectrum


  • Understand Gartner’s HAP capability framework, which provides guide rails to help you identify the capabilities you need and a means to evaluate your current portfolio of application infrastructure.
  • Understand the top trends in application architecture that can help you modernize your application estate and how adopting these trends will impact your organization.
  • Look at ways in which to defeat technical debt in your organization.
  • Share experiences on microservices architecture and learn how others are experimenting their way to the right mix of agility and flexibility for their business.
  • Explore how PaaS can support different types of applications, architectural models, and developer work styles and expectations.
  • Get insights on proven practices for digital product management and demand governance that digital leaders use to maximize digital business results.
  • Discover how to apply modern digital application and integration strategies to Accelerate and guide the transformation toward digital impact.
  • Understand the major cloud strategies of the mega vendors (Amazon,Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc.) and use this to assess the applicability of their approaches to your cloud strategies.


  • Matthew Hotle
  • Aashish Gupta
  • Anne Thomas

How do you build and lead a great application team that works in synergy with business?

Relevant Sessions


  • How Digital Businesses Attract and Retain the Best App Development Talent
  • Workshop: Cultivate and Scale Citizen Development Through Communities of Practice
  • Roundtable: Citizen Development Is Happening and IT Needs to Be More Engaged
  • Workshop: Build a Development Plan to Equip Developers for Digital Delivery Demands


  • Get guidance to implement processes and techniques to hire and retain the best app development talent.
  • Learn how to cultivate talent, encourage practices and promote enabling technologies to scale citizen development effectively.
  • Get best practices to embrace and encourage citizen development initiatives to democratize app development at scale and velocity.
  • Understand the critical competencies to build in your developer teams.


  • Jason Wong
  • Adrian Leow
  • Yinuo Geng

How can I overcome integration challenges?

Relevant Sessions


  • How to Deploy a Business Utility-Style Hybrid Integration Platform(HIP)
  • How Integration Professionals Can Not Only Survive, but Thrive With Postmodern ERP
  • AI in Integration Technologies


  • Understand the technical building blocks than make up a HIP and how technology innovations such as IoT, AI, event-processing, blockchain and RPA affect HIP design and implementation.
  • Learn how integration professionals can overcome the challenges presented with postmodern ERP and legacy integration tools and techniques.
  • Understand how to harness selfadjusting or self-learning AI approaches to equip your enterprises with a highly adaptive integration infrastructure.


  • Betty Zakheim
  • Eric Thoo

5 How do I deliver great user experience?

Relevant Sessions


  • Become a Top Performing Development Organization by Embracing Design
  • Ask the Analyst: Should We Pivot From a Mobile Strategy to a Multiexperience Strategy?


  • Learn how your organization compares to other enterprises when it comes to UX investments, and how application leaders can embrace and prioritize design practices as part of the software development life cycle.
  • Understand and discuss whether a multiexperience strategy is right for you and if you should reallocate your budget and resources to new digital experiences, such as chatbots, voice apps, AR, VR, MR or PWA.


  • Jason Wong

What’s ahead for the API economy?

Relevant Sessions


  • Governing Next-Generation API Infrastructure: Events, Microservices, Streaming, and Hybrid Architectures
  • Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management
  • Workshop: Designing Your API Security Policy


  • Examine how modern API infrastructure built using microservices, that may be event-driven not request/response, and might span on-premises and cloud can be governed and secured.
  • Learn about API security, and collaboratively work on constructing a coherent, effective, API security policy.
  • Understand the market for platform that enables API programs and how the providers stack up against each other on various parameters.


  • Mark O’Neill

How do I adopt agile development and continuous quality practices to ensure accelerated and reliable deployments?

Relevant Sessions


  • Redesigning Governance for Agile and Continuous Delivery
  • Roundtable: Beyond Scrum — Achieving High Agile Maturity
  • Workshop: How to Choose the Right Test Automation Technology
  • The End of QA as We Know It
  • MQ on High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service


  • Hear examples of how leading organizations have upgraded their IT and enterprise governance models for agile and understand governance practices that promote agile workflows.
  • Hear from peers and share experiences on ways you can take your organization beyond scrum and to the highest levels of agile maturity.
  • Understand ways in which you can efficiently test and ensure quality of High-productivity development.
  • Explore the new structure for QA that recognizes the needs and roles of testers and integrates very specific continuous quality practices into the complete DevOps feedback loop.
  • Get a sense on the capabilities of the top vendors in the High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service space.


  • David Norton
  • Joachim Herschmann

How can I effectively deliver mobile and web applications?

Relevant Sessions


  • Plan for Progressive Web Apps: The Future of the Web
  • Magic Quadrant: Mobile App Development Platforms


  • Learn what it takes to deliver Progressive Web AppsPWAs and how to apply them for your digital business.
  • Evaluate the major MADP vendors that are used to accelerate and scale mobile app development, as well as deliver post-app experiences supporting digital business.


  • Jason Wong
  • Adrian Leow

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