Application Strategy and Governance

Application leaders need to effectively manage and lead their application organizations. This requires strategies that increase the value and effectiveness of a portfolio of applications. Organizations can no longer succeed by operating traditionally, but must shift toward multiple governance, delivery and operating models to propel digital business.


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Changing the operating model

With shorter time-to-market requirements, digital business is requiring a change in operating models used by IT organizations. In order to succeed, application leaders need to plan for multiple operating models, and create an API management strategy.


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Application portfolio management
IT organizations must master the art of providing timely support for digital business while leveraging their current application portfolios. This requires a gradual modernization of legacy applications into platforms that help transform digital business. How application leaders go about this transformation is critical to their application strategy.


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Top 5 Application Strategy and Governance Challenges Answered

1. How do application organizations change to meet the needs of digital business?

Application leaders need to lead the organizational change required to make the transition to digital delivery. Agile methods bring the need to shift to a product-oriented view of software and a dramatic cultural change that emphasizes high-performing, self-managed teams.


2.  How do you manage the shift from traditional projects to building platforms and products for digital business?

Utilize a product-centric approach to managing work, keeping a clear focus on the internal or external customer and directing the development to deliver value to them. In additional, include Agile principles and apply them at scale.


3. How can you take advantage of APIs to build platforms and ecosystems for the execution of digital strategies?

Treat your APIs as products through full life cycle API management. This enables organizations to derive the most value from their APIs and can foster an ecosystem of developers who embed them in established and new applications.


4. How can rationalization and modernizations transform the application portfolio to a digital business platform?

Assess the business value and technological fitness of your application portfolio to identify and prioritize the obstacles. Plan and technologies; investing in resilience; and making data and functions available through APIs.


5. How can Gartner's Pace-Layered Application Strategy provide insights for your digital strategy?

Gartner’s Pace-Layered Application Strategy provides a framework that enables IT to respond to differentiated business needs. It provides a common, business-oriented language to define and communicate the application strategy.



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We've got you covered

At the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2019, we dive into developing, cultivating and executing on strong application strategies. Join us for two days full of insights to help you move your applications organization into the next era of digital business.


Relevant sessions:


  • Develop a Hybrid Application Platform (HAP) Strategy to Support Digital Business Transformation
  • Top Trends in Application Architecture That Enable Your Digital Business Transformation
  • Keynote: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Technical Debt (but Were Afraid to Ask)
  • Roundtable: The Path to Microservices 
  • Choose PaaS Wisely
  • Achieve Digital Dexterity With Effective Product Management of Digital Products and Platforms
  • Opening Keynote: Optimize, Integrate and Transform to Achieve Your Digital Future
  • Building Support for Moving From Projects to Products
  • Tutorial: Introducing the Cloud Spectrum


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