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Eiji Hisamoto

Eiji Hisamoto

Hoshino Resort Inc. Group Director, Information Systems Group
Eiji Hisamoto joined Hoshino Resort in 2003 after moving to Karuizawa. He started as an information system engineer for a local onsen ryokan and now oversees all aspects of information systems, including reservation systems, management systems, infrastructure, security, and IoT, for all 40 Hoshino Resort facilities nationwide. He leads the development of the next generation core system.
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Wednesday, 14 June, 2023 / 01:40 PM - 02:10 PM JST
Case Study: Transforming Design and Delivery to Maximize Business Value : How to Get an Application Infrastructure that Accelerates IT Capacity to Resist Change

Companies are under pressure to optimize their competitive organizational capabilities, sometimes taking risks, in order to maximize the business value they deliver in response to a constantly changing business environment. IT departments must face the question of whether the core systems that support management and operations are sufficient to serve as the foundation for accelerating change and must be prepared to continue to deepen them autonomously on their own. Hoshino Resort has fundamentally redefined its old operations model by focusing on a design approach by personnel from the field with domain knowledge and has begun working on application reform to realize this redefinition. In this session, we will introduce the findings from this transformation approach.

Wednesday, 14 June, 2023 / 03:50 PM - 04:35 PM JST
The Essence of Design and Delivery Transformation to Maximize Business Value

Transformation to maximize business value demands a fusion team (executives, business units and IT departments) to determine a design of operation from the essence of the business and to share/propagate and translate it correctly into delivery across a variety of roles. In this roundtable, we will introduce the elements to quickly materialize management ideas, based on the content of the Hoshino Resorts case study session.

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