Noriko Arai
Guest keynote

Noriko Arai

Professor, Director of the Research Center for Community Knowledge
Professor, Director of the Research Center for Community Knowledge at the National Institute of Informatics
President and Director of the Research Institute of Science for Education

Born in Tokyo, Noriko Arai earned a degree from the Hitotsubashi University School of Law, and then the University of Illinois Department of Mathematics and its Graduate School, and completed her doctorate at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Her specialty is mathematical logic. Outside of mathematics, her main work is development of NetCommons, a content management system for educational institutions, and researchmap, an information sharing platform for researchers.

Since 2011, Arai has been the director of the Todai Robot Project, which has tested whether an AI pass the entrance exam for the University of Tokyo. In 2016, she led the research and development of Reading Skill Test to measure reading comprehension.

Prizes and awards received by Arai include the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; the Japan Essayist Club Award; the Ishibashi Tanzan Award; the Yamamoto Shichihei Award; the Okawa Prize; the Avon Award for Women in Education; and the Business Book Award.

Arai's 2017 TED Talk has been translated into 21 languages and viewed by over 1.4 million people. In 2018, Arai and other top AI researchers were invited by President Emmanuel Macron of France to speak about his government's AI policy. The same year, she gave the keynote speech at the UN's third annual STI forum, a conference to discuss the relationship between sustainable development goals (SDGs) and science and technology.

Arai's published works include Ikinuku Tame no Sugaku Nyumon ("Math for Survival"; Eastpress), Sugaku wa Kotoba ("Math is Language"; TokyoTosho), AI vs Kyokasho ga Yomenai Kodomo-tachi ("AI vs Children who Can't Read their Textbooks"; Toyo Keizai), and AI ni Makenai Kodomo wo Sodateru ("Raising a Child who Doesn't Lose to AI”; Toyo Keizai).
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