Shinji Wada

Representative Director, President

Nippon Gas Co., Ltd. 

Yuki Matsuda

Executive Officer, Energy Sales Headquarters General Manager, Information Technology Department

Nippon Gas Co., Ltd. 



Mr. Wada joined the Company in 1977, and carried out a number of innovations that laid the groundwork for the current structural reforms. After his appointment as President in 2005, he led the overhaul of the logistics system, which is the backbone of the LP Gas business, and the full migration of business processes to the cloud. In 2011, he led the Company’s capital and business alliance with the investment arm of JPMorgan Chase & Co., and its move into the energy retail business overseas. He led the business alliances with TEPCO Energy Partner in 2015 and with Metaps Inc. in 2016. He continues to work for change in the energy industry. In 2017, a survey by U.S. magazine Institutional Investor selected him as best CEO in Japan’s energy and utilities sector.




Since 1992, he has been involved in the IT industry and worked for major foreign IT companies and start-ups. After these IT careers, he joined Nippon Gas and took the current position with 10 years of CTO experiences. He had various field experiences in banking system, web systems and IoT as well as AI and Blockchain implementation. Also, he contributed to W3C activities. For his present position, he is in charge of all supervision and control roles from legacy development and bot development to AI development, IoT development and Blockchain development in addition to global partnering with EU technology companies including Estonia. As private activities, he participates in media arts through collaboration with contemporary artists and also works as his hobby for electronic engineering with C++ hobby programming and single board computers.


Nichigas’s Core Business Cloud System “Kumo no Uchusen (Cloud Spaceship)” to Aim the Realization of Sharing Economy from the Energy Industry - Challenge to Get Out from the Legacy and Jump into the Blue Ocean for Open Innovation –

10:30 | Tuesday, March 12

Starting from energy market liberalization, the business environment around Nichigas has been seeing disruptive change. Not stopping with the evolution of the system “Kumo no Uchusen,” we are continuing to our challenge for open innovation. While the relevance of the existing business model is being lost in the paradigm shift of the digital age, we have a question “Is the maintenance of the legacy systems useful?” Only top management can make the decision for throwing away the legacy and shifting to the new. In this session, we talk about Nichigas’s challenge toward enterprise growth and change through dramatic digital transformation.



Yuriko Sawatani Ph.D.

Professor, Director, Center of Entrepreneurship, Graduate School of Management, NUCB Business School



Dr. Yuriko Sawatani is a professor at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, and Director at Entrepreneurship center. She received her Ph.D. at The University of Tokyo. She joined IBM, software research and development. After working at IBM's R&D strategy, she moved to IBM research as a strategist of personal systems. She was assigned to research strategy at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, and started service research since 2005 by leading On Demand Innovation Services. She was appointed to a fellow at Japan Science and Technology Agency, and established service science research in Japan. She joined Waseda University as a professor in 2013, and had lectures at several universities, including Tokyo Institute of Technology. She wrote a book about service science and papers on service research management. She is active at service science communities (INFORMS Service Science, Society for Serviceology, Frontiers in service, Human Side of Service Engineerings(HSSE)) and R&D management. 

Main books: Global Perspectives on Service Science: Japan(Springer), Serviceology for Designing the Future(Springer)


For Service Innovation Generation - Tips Learned From Case Studies -

15:45 | Wednesday, March 13

To generate a service innovation, it is necessary for the enterprises to have not only technical perspectives but also people-centered perspectives with a big picture covering all systems. However, current businesses in the enterprises are generally optimized around their organizations and business processes. For this reason, it is very difficult the enterprises to nurture the seeds of the innovations gained from the people-centered 360-degree perspectives. For service innovation by overcoming the current boundaries, what approach should the enterprises take? In this session, we introduce the tips learned from specific case studies.



Shinya Nonoshita

Executive Officer & Senior General Manager / Chief Operating Officer, ZENSHO HOLDINGS CO.,LTD./ GLOBAL IT SERVICE CO.,LTD.



In April 1979, he joined IBM Japan.

In January 2005, he promoted to System i business unit head.

In April 2007, he joined Zensho Co., Ltd. as executive officer and group IT head (current).

In June 2008, he was appointed as Representative Director & President of Global IT Service Co., Ltd. (current).

In October 2011, he continued to assume the same roles of Zensho Co., Ltd after establishment of Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd.

In December 2017, he also assumed Group Technology Head of Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd. (dual role).

In October 2018, he was appointed as executive officer and group IT technology head (after merger of the two functions in Zensho Holdings).


Toward “Next Zensho” - Shift from Group Integration to the Innovation Stage –

11:15 | Wednesday, March 13

The Zensho Group operates more than 9,000 shops and stores of restaurant chains and supermarket chains over the world including Sukiya and Hamazushi as well as a US take-out sushi chain recently acquired via M&A. Since 2007, we have been working group system integration and has started a breakthrough challenge for new innovation looking to 2020 and the future. In this session, we introduce our challenge toward “Next Zensho” for new digitalization using robots and AI technologies.



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