Lead application strategies into the next decade

  • Success points for Application strategy for next decade and what leadership are necessary for application leader.
  • Required approach and technologies for application architecture to lead application strategy for next decade.
  • Required approach and technology for application development for next decade.
  • How business process and work style will be changed in the future.
  • Required approach and mindset to overcome “Digital cliff in 2025”.

Network with your Peers

The research-backed sessions, keynote speakers and experts alone make Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2020 worthwhile. But what takes the experience to a whole new level is the conversations you and your team will start here —that magic “light bulb” moment when three different presentations meet one big new insight or trend during a peer-to-peer conversation.

Expert advice

Meet with Gartner experts to learn about the latest strategic trends and explore how these insights can be applied to achieve your mission-critical priorities.

Peer networking

Expand opportunities through networking and discover answers to shared challenges face-to-face.

Thought leadership

Get inspired by visionary leaders who have unique perspectives on business, technology and life. 

Who should attend

  •  CIOs / Business Executives
  •  Head of Application Development (Corporate  IT Division, In-house Development Division / Mobile, Cloud, Web) 
  • Head and Persons-in-charge of Application Infrastructure (Production & Converged Environment / Mobile, Cloud, Web)
  •  Head and Persons-in-charge of Business Application / SaaS Implementation IT Division
  • Head and Persons-in-charge of Management Planning / Business Planning Division