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2023 day highlights

Our Gartner experts, who are at the top of their fields are currently engaged in creating the new exciting agenda for 2024 Gartner CIO Leadership Forum. We will offer the latest trends, research-based insights, expert advise and much more. Gartner CIO Leadership Forum 2024 agenda with be coming soon.

Meanwhile, please have a look at the agenda for Gartner CIO Leadership Forum from 2023.

Gartner Opening Keynote:  Amplify Your Impact

Speakers:  Andy Rowsell-Jones, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner 
                   Christie Struckman, VP Analyst, Gartner 
                   Gabriela Vogel, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner                   


  • CIOs face challenges as executives and as the heads of IT. Gartner Opening Keynote focused on helping CIOs produce material returns and drive value throughout their organization.


Featured Session: Gartner’s Growth Survey Reveals 3 Potent Catalysts

Speaker:  Dave Aron, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner


  • This session was the first showing of the results of Gartner's growth survey, based on responses from approximately 200 CxOs globally, about how they are planning to grow. Moreover, the role of IT/digital in that growth.


Featured Session: Digital Products Will Transform Your Enterprise … and IT

Speaker:  Brian Prentice, VP Analyst, Gartner


  • CIOs have been steadily increasing their digital product know-how, starting with employee-facing digital products and customer-facing channels/portals. It's now time to go further. Revenue-generating and venture-building digital products are forcing a convergence in all parts of the organization. This is not a solo IT journey. Attendees learnt how this product journey can transform the whole enterprise and IT.


Featured Session: Changing Funding Models and Driving Digital Success

Speaker: Shailesh Muvera, Sr Principal, Advisory, Gartner


  • While CFOs struggle to appropriately fund digital investments using rigid project-based funding models, CIOs can engage with them by actively involving finance throughout the initiative’s maturation. A productive and successful collaboration with CFOs requires more than a collegial relationship, CIOs must evolve how digital initiatives are funded and show the impact of digital initiatives on both business outcomes and corporate financial performance.
Gartner Keynote: The Three Magical Transformation Ingredients That CIOs Can't Afford to Miss

Speakers:  Mary Mesaglio, Managing Vice President, Gartner                     


  • Everyone is digitally transforming. But there is an alarming gap between digital ambition and execution. A sense of transformation fatigue is setting in. What if we told you there are three essential ingredients that CIOs and other executives consistently miss when trying to transform? This session delved into the three most important and overlooked ways to accelerate your transformation.


Featured Session: How Do You Create Strategy When the World Is Constantly Changing?

Speaker:  Andy Rowsell-Jones, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner


  • Strategy defines our path to success. But faced with the impacts of climate change, the pandemic, geopolitical tensions, inflationary pressure and recession, identifying and navigating the right path can be difficult. This session provided CIOs with the steps they needed to create an IT strategy that is both resilient to change and flexible to cope with disruption.


Featured Session: Power Employee Performance and Productivity With Human-Centric Work

Speaker:  Graham Waller, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner


  • The pandemic experience and dynamic talent market has reset work norms, while often distracting leaders from the fundamentals of productivity. This session provided CIOs clarity of the human-centric work practices that make IT employees more productive and high-performing.


Featured Session: Digital Platforms for the Era of Fusion Teams: Real-World CIO Examples

Speaker: Neil Osmond, Distinguished VP, Advisory, Gartner


  • CIOs must ensure that fusion teams can seamlessly access the capabilities required to build architecturally sound and secure solutions. This session helped attendees to understand how leading CIOs at Chevron, NIKE and others have modernized platforms to support the work of technologists within and outside of IT.

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