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Jaime Capella

Jaime Capella

Distinguished VP, Research
Jaime M. Capella is a Distinguished VP, Research, serving CIOs and other senior executives.

Mr. Capella has spent over two decades studying the strategies, leadership principles, management practices, metrics, and organizational innovations used by the world's best companies to maximize value from their digital investments.

His recent research collaborations look at the evolution of technology operating, funding and governance models to adopt Agile, incorporate product management principles, and democratize digital delivery. His work features case studies of CIOs whose influence has expanded by empowering and equipping others outside of IT to build digital capabilities in architecturally sound and secure ways.

He works to distill practical lessons from company accomplishments and missteps, and communicate them clearly, memorably, and in ways that inspire executive action and accelerate decisions.

He frequently facilitates executive-level discussions in the Americas and Europe, including executive committee meetings, IT leadership team retreats and roundtables with CIOs and other senior executives.
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Thursday, 07 July, 2022 / 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM JST
Fusion Teams: The New IT/Business Interface for an Era of Democratized Digital Delivery

To sustain agility, enterprises are turning to multidisciplinary fusion teams that build and run digital capabilities. This session offers a fact-based overview of the main types of fusion teams and the staffing practices, incentives and governance approaches that most effectively balance team autonomy with enterprise outcomes. It features examples of how leading CIOs help their IT departments embrace, orchestrate and curate the work of business-led fusion teams.

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