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Mary Mesaglio

Mary Mesaglio

Managing Vice President
Mary Mesaglio is a Managing Vice President, leading the Executive Leadership Dynamics team, where she also contributes as an analyst. Ms. Mesaglio's research has a practical bent and is focused on helping enterprises to transform, innovate and change their culture. Much of her recent work has focused on how to motivate employees who are feeling crisis fatigue, critical actions for leaders during a crisis, how to turn values into action and what it takes for humans to really transform.

Ms. Mesaglio is on a mission to help large enterprises harness behavioural science to lead teams and change behaviors. She is a frequent keynote speaker at Gartner events and externally.

Ms. Mesaglio is Canadian and is based in Barcelona, Spain. She has traveled extensively in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She speaks English, Spanish and French fluently, is working on her Catalan, and would love to learn Japanese one day.
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Thursday, 07 July, 2022 / 03:45 PM - 04:15 PM JST
Gartner Closing Keynote: Leading in 2022 — Three CIO Habits to Stop, Start and Continue

Over the last two years we’ve habituated certain behaviors, some of which serve us and some of which don’t. In this closing keynote, we will focus on how you as a CIO should lead in this particular moment. Specifically, we'll zoom out to see what we’ve normalized and shouldn’t have, what we’ve learned and should preserve, and – maybe most important of all – what to get excited about in 2022 (spoiler alert: there’s a lot).

Join us to hear from Gartner experts and thought leaders.