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Taku Takizawa
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Taku Takizawa

Executive Officer/General Manager, Digital Banking Division, Seven Bank, Ltd.
Takizawa joined Sanwa Bank (now Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) in 1990 and worked in the Planning and Systems Departments. In the Systems Dept., he was mainly engaged in the development of its online banking system for individual customers. In 2012, he was transferred to Jibun Bank (now au Jibun Bank Corporation), where he served as General Manager of the Systems Development Department and Assistant to the Executive Officer/Head of the Systems Unit, before joining Seven Bank in 2019 as Deputy General Manager of the Systems Department. He has been in his current position since October of the same year.
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Wednesday, 06 July, 2022 / 01:00 PM - 01:30 PM JST
Executive Insights: The Challenges and Keys to Success of Agile Development in Organizations

Last year, Seven Bank defined its purpose as “going beyond satisfying customers’ needs to continue creating the future of everyday life,” and aims to quickly deliver new, out-of-the-box services to customers. To achieve this, they have become one of the first companies to bring system development in-house, enabling agile development. They started small at first, but has since expanded the effort, launching their mobile app developed in-house using agile methodology. This session will present Seven Bank's view on the challenges and keys to success of in-house agile development, and highlight their achievements.

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