2020 topic highlights

CX Vision and Strategy
Get your foundation right and develop a voice-of-the-customer strategy that drives financial values and digital transformation. 

CX Metrics and Business Case
Discover key metrics to measure and build a business case to get executive support for your CX projects.

Employee Experience 
Engage and empower your employees by developing a CX-driven culture across your organization.

Technology Trends in CRM and CX
Understand the business impact of innovations and which to prioritize to support future digital business models.

Customer Trust 
Be trustworthy and conquer the new battleground for customer loyalty while balancing personalization and privacy.

Customer 360
Create a single view of your customer to better optimize the customer journey and prioritize omnichannel investments.

Customer Service Process Optimization 
Explore the future of customer service and support in a multichannel environment.

AI and Machine Learning 
Leverage AI and real-time capabilities in CRM and self-service for improved business outcomes.

Customer Data and Analytics 
Learn how to improve customer data quality and measure analytics maturity to deliver greater customer experiences.

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