Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit

Recommended AI sessions on the 2020 conference agenda

  • The present and future of AI
  • Knowledge Management in the era of AI
  • Use AI to Create a Better B2B CX
  • Advancing CX Analytics Maturity for Better Customer Experiences
  • ASK: How to use AI to improve digital commerce success

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Understand how to effectively harness the power of AI to accelerate your CX strategies to success, in various customer scenarios.

Join over 400 CX leaders in June for two days of inspiring presentations and peer networking. Struggling with a particular CX initiative? Every conference ticket includes a one-on-one with a Gartner expert where you can get unbiased advice to validate your thinking and guide your strategy.

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5 steps to create the future of CX with AI

How do you think about artificial intelligence and customer experience? Do you have a framework to strategize AI and plan for the future of CX? How do you know which AI tech to invest in?

The experts behind Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit have put together 5 simple steps to create the future of CX with AI, leveraging the Sense, Think, Do Framework.

CX leaders looking to strategize and plan their AI future should:

1. Start with the basics
2. Sense; Use AU to expand your customer understanding
3. Think; Use AI to explain, guide and recommend
4. Do; Evaluate opportunities around leveraging AI for content creation
5. Sense, think and do; Evaluate the rise of conversational platforms

View our latest research article for details around each of the above steps and create the future of customer experience with artificial intelligence.