5 steps to create the future of CX with AI

How do you think about artificial intelligence and customer experience? Do you have a framework to strategize AI and plan for the future of CX? How do you know which AI tech to invest in?

The experts behind Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit have put together 5 simple steps to create the future of CX with AI, leveraging the Sense, Think, Do Framework.

CX leaders looking to strategize and plan their AI future should:

  1. Start with the basics
  2. Sense; Use AU to expand your customer understanding
  3. Think; Use AI to explain, guide and recommend
  4. Do; Evaluate opportunities around leveraging AI for content creation
  5. Sense, think and do; Evaluate the rise of conversational platforms

View our latest research article for details around each of the above steps and create the future of customer experience with artificial intelligence.