How to access new Gartner CX Research

Research for CX Technology Leaders

  • Top emerging technologies and their impact on CX
  • The digital workplace and CX
  • What’s Hot in CRM Applications in 2019
  • How CRM technologies support future digital business models
  • Trends in CX

Research for CRM Leaders

  • Toolkit: RFI for Evaluating CRM Software Vendor’s Costs, Services, Viability and Vision
  • Gartner’s CRM application selection criteria 
  • A CRM capability assessment of the leading CRM suite providers

Research for CX Data & Analytics Leaders

  • Voice of the customer analytics
  • Digital experience monitoring tools and CX
  • How organizations achieve operational and analytical Customer360
  • VOC analytics

Research for CX Leaders

  • The Definition of Customer Experience Management
  • Beware the siren call of “quick win” CX projects
  • Adding back chaos for the advanced CX leader
  • CX improvement and optimization
  • Toolkit: The Customer Experience Maturity Model
  • Getting beyond CX Maturity Level 3
  • How CX leaders can prepare for the future of customers