Ilona Hansen

Ilona Hansen

VP Analyst
llona Hansen is a Vice President in the Applications and Software Engineering Group. Mrs. Hansen manages research in the area of CRM application strategies, coupled with a focus on Sales Technologies and Lead Management tools. She is responsible for the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) agenda within the Digital Commerce and CRM Sales Technology team which includes a market guide. She is co-authoring the CRM Lead Management MQ and the Sales Force Automation MQ. She is Gartner's Vendor Lead Analyst for SAP.
Mrs. Hansen has extensive global leadership experience and expertise in the execution of sales technologies coupled with over 25 years' IT industry experience.
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Tuesday, 16 June, 2020 / 09:15 AM - 10:15 AM AEST
Gartner Keynote: Leading CX When the Stakes Are High

As customer-centricity becomes increasingly important in an uncertain world, Business and IT leaders supporting CX must understand their role in supporting organization transformation to deal with uncertainty and serve what Gartner calls the emerging "Everything Customer". This keynote will provide practical guidance and inspiration for the future.

Tuesday, 16 June, 2020 / 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM AEST
Roundtable: SAP's C/4HANA CRM Products and Strategy

Currently, there is a lot of rumor about SAP’s C/4HANA CRM products and strategy in the market. In this session, participants can openly discuss under the moderation of our analyst to explore SAP’s CRM cloud technology stack and what is SAP’s strategy aiming for. Please note: Reserved for end users only. Preregistration required.

Wednesday, 17 June, 2020 / 01:45 PM - 02:30 PM AEST
Use AI to Create a Better B2B CX

AI technologies are providing deep insights into long-winded B2B sales processes but also support the automation of business process steps across customer facing teams. But moreover, it will have a great impact on B2B revenue growth. This session looks into current AI technologies on a high level across three customer facing departments, its use cases, and their impact on B2B organizations customer experience.

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