Chief Data Officer (CDO) Circle

The chief data officer (CDO) and chief analytics officer (CAO) roles are evolving continuously. Early adopters of the roles may have had more of a regulatory and compliance focus, but now they are key positions at the executive table enabling digital innovation and growth.

CDOs and CAOs are now accountable for:

  • Fostering their organization’s data-driven strategy
  • Driving innovation and revenue generation
  • Transformation of organizational culture 
  • Development of new skills

Hear Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst Andrew White discuss the top trends affecting CDOs today.

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) Circle is exclusively available to CDOs, CAOs and the most senior data and analytics leaders attending the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit.

The CDO Circle is an elevated C-level experience at the conference. Two days of CDO-only attended presentations and discussions, with the ability to attend regular sessions at the conference. CDOs will want to quickly secure one of the limited CDO Circle seats by registering for the conference, and then applying to the CDO Circle. 


Dedicated sessions for CDO Circle members:
  • The State of the Office of the CDO and New Essentials for Success: Gartner’s fifth annual CDO survey explores the business impact of the CDO role and the evolution from a service function to a strategic value center. Clearly, the CDO role is at the heart of digital transformation efforts and it is apparent that changes to strategy, culture, delivery models and data fundamentals are required. Attendees will engage with their peers to discuss the state of the office of the CDO and recipes for success.
  • Evolving Your Data and Analytics Operating Model to Maximize Value: The quest to generate value from data and analytics assets is stressing enterprise skills and competencies, legacy organizational approaches and the delivery models used to capture value. At the same time, organizations must rapidly become adept at identifying innovations, the right business actions, the decisions to take, how to employ D&A assets and managing the opportunity portfolio to maximize value. This session will discuss changes to the D&A operating model, allowing ample time to learn best practices for maximizing value capture from your peers.


  • CDO Circle Lunch Keynote: Forever Skills: Future Proof Yourself and Your Team: In a world where the constant conversation is “What is changing”, Dan Gregory will explore “What is unchanging?". As our world enters the fourth industrial revolution, it will be changed in ways we can hardly imagine. Economists and futurists are sharing predictions and warnings that range from the inspiring to the absolutely terrifying. Most of the talk is about what is coming and what we might need to change in order to be part of it. Yet they neglect a very important part of the conversation. Drawing on the research for his book by the same name, co-authored with Kieran Flanagan, Dan will ask, “What are the skills that will see us succeed no matter what else changes around us?”. While every age presents us with new technical skills to be learned and adopted, this amusing, thought-provoking and interactive session will outline the Forever Skills that have always mattered and those that always will.
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How to participate:

You must apply and qualify in advance of the summit to gain entry to the CDO Circle. When you register online for Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, simply select “Yes” when asked within the Conference Specific Questions section, “Are you a Chief Data Officer, or the most senior data and/or analytics executive in your organization?”



  • Apply and qualify in advance of summit to gain entry to the CDO Circle
  • Complete qualifying questions
  • Must be an active chief data officer, chief analytics officer, or the highest ranking data and/or analytics decision maker within your organization 


  • Enterprise wide C-Level: The most senior CDO and CAO equivalent at the enterprise level
  • Divisional or regional C-Level responsible for Private Sector: $250+ million in revenue
  • Divisional or regional C-Level responsibly for Public Sector: 1000+ employees