First look at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit agenda

The full agenda is now available. You can view it here. 

We are covering the most pressing topics in data and analytics, such as AI, machine learning (ML), augmented analytics, data fabrics, governance, privacy, leadership, culture and so much more.   

Below is a sample of the sessions we’ve currently selected for the 2023 agenda.*

*Agenda subject to change

Preliminary agenda sessions

Data and analytics leaders are expanding their sphere of influence and impact on the business. This track investigates critical topics, such as unleashing innovation, redefining culture, and building and managing creative teams.

Recommended sessions

  • CDAO Agenda 2023: Presence, Performance and Persistence
  • So You Want to Be CDAO
  • Change Management and Communication Unlock Data-Driven Business Value
  • How to Measure and Communicate the Value of Data Literacy

Data and analytics functions have always been critical to organizations, but now they have taken center stage as vital to business strategy. This track explores how to prioritize data and analytics investments and develop a strategy to ensure success.

Recommended sessions

  • State of the Data Integration Market: Top Trends That Can Transform Your Data Engineering Practice
  • Data Ecosystems: Integrated Data and Analytics — No Assembly Required
  • The Active Metadata Helix: The Benefits of Automating Data Management
  • Data Observability: A New Trend You Need to Know for Building Reliable Data Landscapes
  • Data Fabric or Data Mesh: Debate on Deciding Your Future Data Management Architecture

Diversity, privacy, sustainability and other societal concerns are now top of mind with consumers. This track provides guidance for putting trusted, agile data and analytics, and AI governance practices in place.

Recommended sessions

  • Seven Fatal Flaws of Self-Service Analytics
  • Use Composable Data and Analytics to Build Modular Business-Oriented Analytics Experiences
  • Decision Intelligence and Optimization Across Your Enterprise and Ecosystem
  • Data Storytelling: A Better Way to Engage Decision Makers With Data

Digital acceleration and agility require analytics to be infused into every role, business process, decision and action. This track addresses how to make analytics fundamental to all parts of the business in a trusted way.

Recommended sessions

  • Gartner Futures Lab: Reengineering Decision Making, 2025
  • The Foundation of a Modern Data and Analytics Strategy
  • Digital Ethics: Dealing With All the Data Dilemmas
  • Smart Analytics for Even Smarter Cost Optimization

Developing and operationalizing AI, data science and ML can be daunting. This track is dedicated to exploring the strategies, tools, technology trends, skills and roles needed for successful deployment.

Recommended sessions

  • Foundations of AI — Still Confused? A Minimal Viable Knowledge Set to Get Started With AI
  • The Logical Feature Store: Managing Data for ML
  • Decision Intelligence Platforms — No Excuses for Bad Decisions Anymore
  • Forbidden Questions Bold Data Engineers Should be Discussing With AI Aficionados

Harnessing innovative technologies to change business models and define new ways to interact with and serve customers, partners, suppliers and employees is a top priority. This track explores emerging trends reshaping business today.

Recommended sessions

  • Twelve Actions to Improve and Sustain Your Data Quality
  • Data and Analytics Governance: Foundations and Prospects
  • Foundations and Essentials of Master Data Management
  • Deploy Data and Analytics Governance Effectively to Drive Better Decisions
  • Dangerous Data: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It
  • Sovereign Data Strategies: How to Avoid the Crunch and Avoid Doubling Your Business Costs?