Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2020

Data governance has been indispensable for data management initiatives, along with controlling the ever-growing amount of data in order to improve business outcomes. More and more organizations realize that data governance is a necessity; however, they lack experience in implementing enterprisewide governance programs with actual, tangible results.

Take a deeper look into data governance and expand on the session material that will be covered on-site at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit. View topic-specific content covered below, including Smarter with Gartner articles, webinars and Gartner Predicts research. 

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The democratization of data in cities will require robust governance platforms. Citizens increasingly demand access to meaningful data, and cities are responding by building platforms that improve municipal service delivery and urban quality of life.

CIOs will play a vital role in empowering chief digital officers and urban planners. Collectively, these leaders need to take certain actions when designing and implementing data and information platforms. 

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Data and analytics are central to how information and technology helps organizations operate, innovate, compete and drive productivity improvements. However, even though we’re surrounded by new technology like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud, it remains a challenge for CEOs and CIOs to know when and where to invest in such things to reliably generate business value.

Sufficient skills in the workforce, the right kind of technology innovation and effective organizational and process models are aligning at the same time to help ensure that governing data and analytics is now designed to be bite-sized, by the business, for the business. This is a great time to talk about data governance! Watch this webinar and explore the latest technology, processes, skills and organizational models that are converging to help get more out of the “information” in IT.

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Discussion topics:

  • How is AI expanding into the enterprise
  • What you must do now for your AI strategy
  • What must you include in your AI governance initiatives

IT and business leaders must work together to devise a solid artificial intelligence (AI) strategy that will create new opportunities now and into the future. That requires a clear vision, flexibility and especially strong governance. Join this special complimentary video discussion webinar as a panel of Gartner experts help you enable AI to take your organization to new heights.

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Gartner Predicts

  • Through 2022, only 20% of organizations investing in information governance will succeed in scaling governance for digital business.
  • By 2023, over 75% of large organizations will hire AI behavior forensic, privacy and customer trust specialists to reduce brand and reputation risk.

Want to dig deeper?

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2020 has a dedicated track: 

Trust and Governance: The Evolving Change

Gain guidance for adaptive enterprise data, analytics and AI governance, data quality, data catalogs, master and application data, best practices around digital ethics and trusted data sharing.