Guest Speakers at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019

Guest Keynotes

Neil Martin


Former Head of Operations, Scuderia Ferrari, and former Head of Strategy and Technology at McLaren and Red Bull Racing

Using Live Data to Embrace Risk, Model It, and Mitigate it!

In the fast-paced world of racing, seconds make or break a winner! During the race, real time data is processed across many CPUs using the latest live data to constantly ask questions like: What if the Safety Car comes out ‘now’? or next lap? What if our competitors do X or Y? These questions are being asked the whole time, so that best response answer is already calculated for the risk profile if indeed the event being modelled does happen. In this keynote address, Neil outlines how the simulation and analytics have been used throughout the organization to understand and mitigate ‘risk.


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Neil Martin’s career has included significant stints with McLaren Racing, Red Bull Racing and Ferrari on their Senior Management Teams. Neil has modelled techniques to accept and embrace uncertainty rather than ignored as inconvenient or unlucky. Neil has managed various analytical teams, developing bespoke software as well as operating live, defining and executing the Race Strategy for his teams.

As Neil’s reputation grew, so did his responsibilities until he was providing insight into the wider business, giving strategic options through the appropriate use of mathematical and business modelling techniques to ensure that decisions were made with awareness of likely outcomes and their associated risk profiles. This served as a springboard to also deliver mission control rooms, driver-in-the-loop simulators and wind tunnel solutions. 

Neil has worked with many World Champions and well-known names: Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, David Coulthard, Mark Webber, Felipe Massa and Sebastien Vettel to name a few. Software originally designed by or derived from Neil’s designs are used today in more than half the Formula 1 grid.

Christian Majgaard


Former LEGO Top Executive, Head of Global Brand & Business Development

Driving Innovation in a World of Disruption

What distinguishes successful organizations from the less successful ones? Christian Majgaard identifies two main competencies: the quest to see the world as it really is plus the ability to innovate. Christian championed the dramatic and highly successful change by LEGO from a low tech plastic toy manufacturer to a twenty-first century brand thriving on new technologies such as robotics and interactivity, relying heavily on consumer analytics. In this keynote presentation, Christian will outline Lego´s history of innovation, the ability to adapt to disruption and intimate knowledge of their customers through brand analysis and openness to disruptive technologies – key ingredients on LEGO’s path to becoming the world’s most powerful brand among families with children.


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As a global top executive at LEGO®, Christian Majgaard championed the innovative change from plastic toy to a global brand, fuelled by today’s well known successes such as LEGOLAND® parks, LEGO Mindstorms® robots, LEGO Educational, children’s software and licensing alliances with the movie world, like e.g. Harry Potter. Nowadays, Christian helps major international companies develop and implement strategies for customer focused growth, marketing, innovation, branding and shared vision. He has inspired companies like Nestlé, Siemens, Vodafone, Abbvie, LeasePlan, Motorola, Bang & Olufsen, Swiss Re, Geodis Wilson, Disneyland, Heineken, ABB, Canon and many others to reinvent themselves in the digital world. Christian authored the book “13 hints for tomorrow’s brand builders” as well as numerous articles. He has starred on national TV across the globe, and was featured as one among “21 leaders for the 21st century” in the book by Dutch /British professors Trompenaars/ Hampden-Turner. He is famed for turning complex concepts into simple words, blended with great humour.

Guest Speakers

Case Study: From Satellites to Insights: Unlocking Australia’s Satellite Imagery Archive with Open Data

Claire Krause

Assistant Director of Product Development, Digital Earth Australia, Environmental Geoscience Division


Digital Earth Australia (DEA) — Geoscience Australia’s satellite imagery program — is a platform that uses spatial data and images recorded by satellites orbiting our planet to detect physical changes across Australia in unprecedented detail. This presentation will explore the value of open data and code to support decision-makers to utilise 30 years of satellite observations over Australia. We will present case studies of how over a petabyte of satellite imagery has been turned into manageable datasets to answer key questions about the Australian landscape over time.


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Case Study: Using Real Time Data and Video Analytics for Better Customer Outcomes

Chris Creighton

Group Manager, Digital and Technology Delivery, Auckland Transport


Auckland Transport (AT) was formed in 2010, when the transport functions of the eight former Auckland local authorities and the Auckland Regional Transport Authority were combined, to oversee roads, traffic networks, and public transport. AT ran a trial in August 2018 to assess whether real-time and historical data could alter commuters’ perceptions, and ultimately change behaviour. “Our Things That Move” (TTM) ferry and bus disruption management solution keeps customers moving through connected journeys and includes a machine learning model that can predict ferry service ETA’s, and make down-stream decisions such as whether to hold a connecting bus when a ferry service is delayed. This presentation will cover how AT is using real time data and video analytics to tackle the issue of highly congested roads at peak times and provides unique insights into how machine learning can be deployed effectively to provide real time feedback for enhanced public experience.


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The Future of Data Sharing and Release in Government

Deborah Anton

Interim National Data Commissioner, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Deborah was appointed as interim National Data Commissioner in August 2018 in the wake of the Government’s response to the Productivity Commission report on Data Sharing and Availability. She is responsible for implementing a simpler data sharing and release framework to improve social and economic outcomes for Australians while safeguarding data. The framework is designed to break down the barriers which prevent efficient use and reuse of public data, while maintaining the strong security and privacy protections that the community expects. In this presentation, Deborah will reflect on why data matters and why reforms in this area are an important aspect of public service modernization. She will also provide an update on the development of new Data Sharing and Release legislation and priorities for the Office of the National Data Commissioner in the year ahead.


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Creating a Data Science Capability

Simon Davies

Advanced Analytics Leader, Genworth Insurance


Simon Davies is currently the Advanced Analytics Leader at Genworth Insurance. Simon studied statistics at the University of Auckland, working under Ross Ihaka on the R Software project and writing the original implementation of the glm() function back in 1995. Since then he has undertaken multiple data roles, from statistical analytics to designing data warehouses, for large UK companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland, AXA, and SAS Software. Promoting the utilization of data science techniques for predictive analytics, Simon began building an Advanced Analytics capability at Genworth Insurance in 2017.


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Panel: Fostering Data-Driven Cultural Change

Alan Lowthorpe, General Manager, Advanced Analytics, Wesfarmers

Marek Rucinski, Deputy Commissioner, Smarter Data Program, ATO

Greg Terrill, Chief Data Officer, Department of Environment and Energy

Fiona Tweedie, Data Strategy Advisor, University of Melbourne


Delivering against business outcomes is fundamental to any organization, yet we often see mismatches in organizational skills, capabilities, organizational models and propensity to achieve the outcomes due to a lack of understanding of data's business value and the data and analytics skills needed within a business context. Data and Analytics leaders need to be able to adapt to changing trends in business, society, technology and information. How can D&A leaders foster a data-driven culture? Where can they find the right talent to deliver on business outcomes? These are just some of the questions that this panel will address to help upskill the workforce and foster a data-driven cultural change.


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Panel: Engaging Stakeholders for Data & Analytic Success Requires Clarity

Sharon Abbott, Head of Data Governance, ANZ

Janice Carey, Head of Customer Data & Analytics, BUPA

Priyanka Paranagama, Chief Data & Transformation Officer, Suncorp


As data and analytics become pervasive in all aspects of financial services, the ability to communicate in this language — that is, being data literate — is a new organizational readiness factor. Whether translating to the board how data and analytics manifest in compliance and fraud use cases, explaining how to creatively blend internal and external datasets to better evaluate risk, or describing advanced analytics techniques that improve customer experience, the data and analytics discipline is the new language digital finance. While business partners conceptually agree on the importance of data quality, consistency, and access, they push back on taking direct ownership of data decisions. Without effective data governance, data remains trapped in vertical silos preventing data and analytics leaders from leveraging enterprise data as a true information asset for digital initiatives. Join our panel to learn how successful financial firms are using collaborative, factually oriented dialog and data governance to achieve a clarity of purpose that drives real transformation.


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