Leadership Vision for 2019: Data and Analytics Leader


Business and technology are converging, which means that data and analytics leaders are central to any high-performance organization. Data and the analytic insight derived from it are now viewed by CEOs and their teams as the key to success in the modern digital era. As a result, data and analytics leaders and their teams now have a massive opportunity to deliver transformational value to the enterprise.


Achieving a competitive advantage in today's business environments will require expertise in managing data and using analytics to make decisions, scale business operations and monetize data assets. If organizations don't develop the new strategies, skills, roles and methods needed to manage and analyze data, they will be overwhelmed — both as companies and individuals. They will be drowning in the seas of data that they have created, unable to separate truth from fiction, unable to make decisions with confidence, and unable to generate economic and social value from data.


Internally, the integrative, connected, real-time nature of digital business requires collaboration between historically independent organizational units: data management and analytic insight. It also requires a formalized program to enable these capabilities — the connective fabric that supports this collaboration. The mandates for this program are as follows:

  • Establish a trusted foundation of data.
  • Increase the data literacy of all roles in the enterprise.
  • Scale data and analytics capabilities for the complexity of modern digital business.


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