Information Management and Master Data Management Leaders

Data Management and Master Data Management Leaders form the core of the process and are the backbone on which the analytics business banks upon. As the world proceeds towards disruptive technology, they are the ones who must find a way to cut the edge and fine ways of growing both in a neutral and AI environment.

At Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2020, Data Management and Master Data Management Leaders such as you can connect with each other to define a digital tomorrow. Now is the time to make data more accessible, improve data reliability, modernize data management strategy, cut operating costs and the bring new perspectives that can be brought in to drive business innovation

As a Data Management and Master Data Management Leader, you will gain insights in:
  • Optimizing data management processes
  • Managing data from distributed environment
  • Making information governance and stewardship actually “stick”
  • Building the right information strategy and architecture.
  • Designing a proven MDM framework
Recommended sessions for Data Management and Master Data Management Leaders:
  • The Foundation and Future of Data and Analytics Governance
  • Where and How Master Data Management (MDM) Adds Value to the Business
  • Getting Ahead of Data Quality with Gartner's Data Quality Operating Model
  • Augmented Data Catalogs: Now an Enterprise Must-Have for Data and Analytics Leaders
  • Driving Analytics Success With Data Engineering
  • Trusted Data Sharing — Five Insights to Get It Right
  • The Future of Data Management Beyond 2021
  • Think Big, Start Small – Be Prepared for Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Upgrade to a Data Fabric Design to Transform Your Data Management and Integration Architecture
  • Cloud Is the Future of Data Infrastructure
  • Data Management in a Multicloud and Intercloud World — Embrace the Inevitable!
  • Magic Quadrant for Data Management
  • From Self-Service to Enterprise to Augmented Data Preparation — Understanding the Data Preparation Tools Market
  • Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Data Hubs Are Not the Same: Know Their Capabilities and Purpose
  • How to Avoid Data Lake Failures
  • Adopt a Data Hub Strategy to Unify Data and Analytics Governance and Integration
Relevant job titles:
  • Enterprise Information Leaders
  • MDM Program Managers
  • Data / Information Governance Leaders
  • Data Management Infrastructure Managers 
Don't miss the opportunity to:
  • Network with your peers and interact with Gartner experts
  • Gain access to limited seating sessions like roundtables, one-on-one sessions with a Gartner expert, and workshops
  • Hear from guest keynote speakers