Your first look at the agenda

Below is a sample of the sessions we’ve already selected for the 2023 agenda

Chief data and analytics officers (CDAOs) and D&A leaders must be purposeful in driving the organizational and cultural transformation necessary to become a data-driven enterprise. This track explores how to hire and retain individuals and lead teams for business productivity, employee retention and professional growth.

Recommended sessions

  • Keeping SCORE, Understanding Your D&A Maturity
  • Change Management and Communication Unlock Data-Driven Business Value
  • CDAO Agenda 2023: Presence, Performance and Persistence
  • Engage and Influence Business Stakeholders Using Data-Enabled Storytelling

Data is now widely recognized as the most important asset of an organization, central to applications, analytics, AI and ML. This track highlights the current and future data management strategies, such as data ecosystems and financial governance, as well as the full set of tools, metadata management and master data management.

Recommended sessions

  • Data Modernization: How to Find the Most Appropriate Service Provider?
  • The Active Metadata Helix: The Benefits of Automating Data Management
  • Data Observability: A New Trend You Need to Know for Building Reliable Data Landscapes
  • Data Fabric or Data Mesh: Debate on Deciding Your Future Data Management Architecture

To increase the impact of analytics on an organization, D&A leaders must change their mindsets, shifting their focus beyond the implementation of analytics capabilities toward the delivery of business outcomes. This track navigates those analytics capabilities and how to organize them, plan to deliver them and align them to stakeholder needs.

Recommended sessions

  • Data Ecosystems: Data Management in a Box — No Assembly Required
  • Seven Fatal Flaws of Self-Service Analytics
  • Data Storytelling: A Better Way to Engage Decision Makers With Data
  • Five Ways Simulation and Synthetic Data are Generating New Advantages for AI
  • Top Trends for Data and Analytics in 2023

Scaling and operationalizing data science, AL and ML are critical to driving value and impacting how decisions within the organization are made. This track explores the technology trends, organizational requirements, skill development and talent needed for successful deployment.

Recommended sessions

  • Recipes for AI Maturity Learned From Known Successes and Mistakes
  • Foundations of AI — Still Confused? A Minimal Viable Knowledge Set to Get Started With AI
  • All Data Is Biased! Can We Make AI Models Unbiased?
  • Why Your Next Data Science Project Should Use Graph Analytics and Machine Learning
  • The Future of Data Science and Machine Learning: Critical Trends You Can’t Ignore

To exploit business opportunities and challenges, organizations must establish the right foundations for data and analytics governance. Trust, privacy, ethics and accountability are central to this foundation. This track provides guidance for putting trusted, agile data and analytics, and AI governance practices in place.

Recommended sessions

  • Deploy Data and Analytics Governance Effectively to Drive Better Decisions
  • Develop an AI Governance Strategy to Win-Win-Win
  • Dangerous Data: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It
  • Responsible AI: From Bias and Privacy to Compliance and Risk Management