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While we build the conference agenda, take a look at the type of research you can expect at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2022.

Get the insights you need to understand and craft a data fabric that augments data management effectively and appropriately.

Data and Analytics Essentials: Data Fabric

Data fabric is an emerging data management design that enables augmented data integration and sharing across heterogeneous data sources. This presentation will assist data and analytics leaders in raising awareness among stakeholders and in progressively building a comprehensive data fabric architecture

The Challenges Organizations Face When Planning For and Implementing Data Fabrics:

  • D&A leaders struggle to define the data fabrics in a way that is well-understood by supporting and participating business teams and key stakeholders. They often find it difficult to connect the promise of a data fabric with defined business outcomes, and as a result, they don’t get stakeholder support and buy-in.
  • The next biggest challenge that they face is that they don’t understand how to start with creating a data fabric and the main steps that they need to follow to create a comprehensive data fabric. D&A leaders tell us that they need support in creating the right teams with the necessary roles and skills to enable the data fabric.
  • And finally, D&A leaders realize that the data fabric is a technology-enabled design, and that they would need the right mix of tools/platforms to assist them. For this, they need to understand which categories of tools and vendors to investigate and adopt.

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