Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2020

Data governance has been indispensable for data management initiatives, along with controlling the ever-growing amount of data in order to improve business outcomes. More and more organizations realize that data governance is a necessity; however, they lack experience in implementing enterprisewide governance programs with actual, tangible results.

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Through 2022, only 20% of organizations investing in information governance will succeed in scaling governance for digital business.

Gartner Predicts

Coordinate Data Security with Business Requirements

The increase in cross-platform usage means data is more spread out in the enterprise. The challenge for IT is when its security practices don’t consult the rest of the business and acknowledge who needs access to specific data and why. To ensure adequate security and data governance, one should involve the business in planning data rules and requirements.

7 Must-Have Foundations for Modern Data and Analytics Governance

Traditional approaches to governance of data and analytics are no longer sufficient, especially in the face of changing market dynamics, new regulations and cyberthreats. Digital business success demands modern governance practices — adaptive to business context — that enable the realization of business opportunities. Such new approaches include innovation and exploration, better risk and security management, advocacy and cultural transformation practices, and trust-based approaches that consider curation, lineage and certification.

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Hot Topics:

  • Governance
  • Privacy and Ethics
  • Augmented Data Catalogs
  • Data Quality Framework
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

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Effective Data and Analytics Governance - Finally!

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