Five Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Deliver Business Impacts

Not all artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies are created equal, but they are becoming critical for differentiation and sometimes survival. This research aims at guiding data and analytics leaders in identifying which category will deliver maximum impact for their organization.


Data and analytics leaders should pursue the powerful and tangible business benefits that artificial intelligence projects can deliver before engaging with their analytics teams.

Gartner recommends data and analytics leaders such as chief data officers looking to modernize their strategy approach should:  

  • Increase the power of AI techniques by engaging data scientists and AI specialists in every innovation project throughout the organization.
  • Ensure sustainable outcomes from AI techniques by using your AI team to support production teams for continuously improving enterprisewide model management and performance monitoring.
  • Draft a portfolio of analytical scenarios and use cases, including those that your organization is already executing or planning. Present it to C-level executives. Document their preferences to better rationalize funding decisions for AI projects.
  • Maximize the business impact of AI implementations by maintaining an intense dialogue between the AI team, the business functions (including lines of businesses) and the executives charting the corporate strategy.

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