Find out the benefits of this conference for your specific industry

At Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2020, you'll interact with Gartner research experts, data and analytics leaders from across industries and solutions providers to master your role with research-backed sessions to explore the methods and options available today to support and foster the creativity necessary to survive and thrive in times of disruptions.

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Explore algorithms and analytical functions to fulfil the basic drivers that improve operational efficiency, drive growth and provide superior customer support including personalized experiences for customers. 



Gain deeper insights in how to provide manufacturing firms with critical sense and respond capabilities to identify outliers, get real-time information on anomalies, predictive maintenance and continuous intelligence

Energy & Utilities (incl. Oil & Gas)

Learn how to optimize the processes for efficient use of renewable and non-renewable resources by using advances in machine learning and AI.


Government & Public Sector

Get assistance with identifying skill gaps in data management, analytics and data science and understand how to balance between building, buying and (or) outsourcing your data and analytics requirements.


Learn how a robust data and analytics strategy can improve and optimize healthcare services currently being offered.