Chief Data Officer (CDO) Circle

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) roles are evolving continuously. Early adopters of the role may have had more of a regulatory and compliance focus, but now they are key positions at the executive table, enabling digital innovation and growth.

CDOs and CAOs are now accountable for:

  • Fostering their organization’s data-driven strategy
  • Driving innovation and revenue generation
  • Transformation of organizational culture 
  • Development of new skills

Hear the importance of attending as a Chief Data Officer


Attendance of the CDO Circle experience is exclusively available to CDOs, CAOs and the most senior data and analytics leaders attending Gartner Data & Analytics Summit.

The CDO Circle is a curated senior executive experience designed for both new and tenured CDOs and CAOs: Two days of presentations and discussions with the ability to attend regular sessions at the conference. 

Dedicated sessions for CDO Circle members in 2020 include:

  • Leadership and Strategy Essentials — New, emerging and “in flight” CDOs have the opportunity to explore essentials like data storytelling, how to sustain critical executive partnerships and ways to drive value creation.
  • How CDOs Can Drive a Data-Driven Culture Using Data Literacy — An exclusive workshop session designed with practical ideas and guidance to help CDOs lead data-driven culture change.
  • Innovating With Data and Analytics: What Leaders Need to Know — This session shares real-world innovative ideas to inspire and guide your innovation efforts.

Be part of an inspiring experience with an elite group of CDOs, CAOs, and top data and analytics leaders. Register for Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, apply to join the CDO Circle and indicate your interest to participate in the curated Peer Perspectives sessions.


How to participate

You must apply and qualify in advance of the summit to gain entry to the CDO Circle. When you register online for Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, simply select “Yes” when asked within the Conference Specific Questions section, “Are you a Chief Data Officer, or the most senior data and/or analytics executive in your organization?”


  • Apply and qualify in advance of summit to gain entry to the CDO Circle
  • Complete qualifying questions


  • Enterprise-wide Chief Data Officers/ Chief Analytics Officers, or the highest ranking data and/or analytics decision-maker within your organization


  • Business unit or regional Chief Data Officers/ Chief Analytics Officers, or the highest ranking data and/or analytics decision-maker responsible for:
    • Private sector: INR 1,500+ crores in revenue
    • Public sector: 1,000+ employees

NOTE: Participation in the CDO Circle is reserved exclusively for the senior-most person responsible for data and analytics within your organization, including chief data officers, chief analytics officers, and their equivalents.