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Anthony Mullen

Anthony Mullen

VP Analyst
Anthony Mullen leads the AI agenda across Gartner and is chair of the Application Innovation and Business Solutions summit in EMEA.

He covers AI with specialisation in Natural Language Technologies such as speech to text, text mining, search, conversational AI and natural language generation. Current research is around multiagent systems and simulation.
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Monday, 08 May, 2023 / 12:45 PM - 01:15 PM IST
How Language Technologies Are Reshaping the Foundation of Analytics and What to Do About It

For a long time, unstructured and structured approaches to analytics were separate platforms and applications. Hence, making sense of both words and numbers was difficult. A new crop of platforms including data fabrics, semantic AI, insight engines and conversational AI are changing the very foundations of analytics to bring words and numbers together. This session will outline how this multistructured analytics is evolving, the role of language platforms and your path to a richer analytics.

Tuesday, 09 May, 2023 / 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM IST
Five Ways Simulation and Synthetic Data are Generating New Advantages for AI

Simulation and synthetic data are emerging as capabilities that promise to transform how AI solutions are built and managed. Although simulation, synthetic data and AI are different technology paradigms, they are related and complement each other. For example, simulation can evaluate the performance and sensitivity of AI algorithms to improve resilience and enhance their decision-making capabilities. And, AI-enriched simulation can identify the most promising simulations to run on a massive data set. This is a must-attend session to learn how the worlds of simulation, synthetic data and AI are combining.

Tuesday, 09 May, 2023 / 02:00 PM - 02:45 PM IST
Ask the Expert: How can Natural Language Processing (NLP) benefit Customer Service?

Natural language processing (NLP) technologies have the potential to provide significant benefits to customer service (CS), but sometimes end users struggle to identify the best use cases and to stay up-to-date with a field that evolves at an advanced speed. In this session, we will illustrate and discuss NLP solutions that CS can leverage to reduce costs and generate value.

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