Gopinath Jayaraj
Case study

Gopinath Jayaraj

Chief Information Officer
Gopinath Jayaraj is the Chief Information Officer of Tata Motors, India’s leading commercial vehicle and car manufacturer. Gopinath is responsible for the IT and digital agenda across all business units and operating locations on Tata Motors. This includes digitizing enterprise business processes across both customer and manufacturing systems, as well as enabling TML’s fleet of products with connected vehicle technology.
Prior to Tata Motors, Gopinath was heading Whirlpool Corporation's India Technology centre. His early career was with the Tata group, heading global delivery of software and engineering services.
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Thursday, 05 August, 2021 / 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM IST
Case Study Roundtable: SparQPlug — Enterprise Data Platform Powering Tata Motor’s Digital Journey

In one of the country’s largest manufacturing organizations with a 70-year legacy of information systems, data often comes from multiple databases, file systems, internal and external applications, cloud resources, and streaming devices. The core challenge was to establish flow of data from source systems through connectors and transformations into enterprise systems within the organization. Tata Motors built an evolving integrated data platform called SparQplug, which effectively coalesces data from digital sources including IoT and enterprise systems of record. The platform enables effective correlation and efficient dissemination of relevant data for both analytical and transactional needs. SparQplug is deployed across an integrated and flexible hybrid cloud environment serving more than 100,000 data consumers from customers to data scientists. Empowering a holistic view of the Customer/Products/Partners ecosystem and ensuring availability of right data at right time to drive business actions.

This session will help attendees understand -
1. The role of correlated data platform in enabling digital transformation
2. Challenges and opportunities in Implementing enterprise data in a large legacy organization
3. Scalability, flexibility and openness: evolutionary technology approach for revolutionary business results

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