Prakash Iyer
Guest keynote

Prakash Iyer

Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author, Leadership Coach
Prakash Iyer is an independent business advisor with over 30 years of solid, hands-on experience in building businesses and developing leaders in India and overseas. He is the Founder – CEO of Leadership Works, a leadership advisory firm that helps leaders and teams become as good as they were meant to be.

After spending nearly three decades in the corporate world, Prakash chose to step out and pursue his passion for helping other people unleash the leader within them. Apart from coaching CEOs, advising leadership teams and speaking to - and inspiring - large teams, Prakash is an independent director on the board of Fino Payments Bank and also serves as an advisor to Multiples – a billion-dollar Private Equity fund. He also worked with the cricket franchise Mumbai Indians in their title-winning campaign in 2015.

In his last corporate role, Prakash was the Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark. Earlier roles include Managing Director and CEO of Infomedia India Limited (formerly Tata Press) and prior to that, Executive Director at PepsiCo responsible for the company’s operations in South India and Sri Lanka. An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, he started his career with Unilever.

A trained, CFI-certified leadership coach, Prakash has throughout his career combined strong strategic and execution skills with excellent people management capabilities to consistently build passionate, high-performance, winning teams. He is a firm believer that teamwork will be the ultimate competitive advantage and now shares his insights and his experience with senior leaders and their teams to help them unleash their true potential.

Prakash speaks and writes extensively on leadership, teamwork, execution and winning. He is a best-selling author and his fourth book – titled How Come No One Told Me That? – was published last year.
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Tuesday, 20 September, 2022 / 09:00 AM - 09:45 AM IST
Guest Keynote: Leading Change

In a world that’s changing ever so rapidly, what does it take for us to raise our game, navigate uncertainty, stay ahead, adapt and innovate. In this keynote, Prakash will share fascinating stories, and incisive insights that will make you think. And think again. And you will walk away with practical advice and actionable tips to help you take ownership, improve collaboration, communicate effectively, build trust and continue to win.

Tuesday, 20 September, 2022 / 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM IST
CDO Circle Leadership Exchange: The Magic of Storytelling

Stories are memorable. Stories are powerful. They move people. And they help shape the culture of an organization. In this fun, hands-on workshop, Prakash Iyer – best-selling author and leadership coach will help you become a more effective communicator – by learning to unleash the magic of storytelling. This workshop will:
• Offer simple, practical tips on crafting and delivering a powerful story
• Provide insights on how to tell your story in a way that people will want to listen
• Help you learn how to enhance the effectiveness of data – through storytelling
• Get started on building your signature story

Join us to hear from Gartner experts and thought leaders.