Ramesh Rethnasiromoni
Case Study

Ramesh Rethnasiromoni

Sr. Director
Ramesh has extensive IT and analytics industry experience and is an information governance professional that is still learning every day from the broader security community. In his current role Ramesh leads Data Governance programs for GE Gas Power on strategic and operational activities, focusing on establishing an ecosystem of secure processes and tools while enabling business analytics for GE Gas Power as business. He expanded on standard governance ecosystem in the Data Lake ecosystem with tools and models to enable data security and better compliance. Ramesh has worked at GE as analytics leader, platforms ops and internal auditor over the last decade and a half. While Ramesh has worked across a number of IT related domains, his focus and passion have been on Identity and Access Management and innovation product/solutioning.
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Tuesday, 20 September, 2022 / 02:45 PM - 03:15 PM IST
Case study: Embedded Governance in Data Lakes

In a data lake ecosystem as data is ingested from various sources, processed and served to customers across the globe, governance gets complicated and convoluted by org standards, regulatory expectations & data security needs. This session will share insights on:
1. Transforming the governance program from being policy based to a more technology & innovation driven culture across the organization
2. How to Integrate products across all the data governance pillars of the organization to provide near real time governance insights, clear guidance and also predict possible failure points.
3. Converting governance from a traffic light to clearly define measures and actionable outcomes.

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