Sri Vishnu Neti
Case Study

Sri Vishnu Neti

Vice President - Investment Anaylsis
Srivishnu Neti currently leads investment product and fund research teams in India. He has been with Fidelity since 2006 and brings extensive domain knowledge in product development and research. He is passionate about bringing AI and data-driven insights to systematically build solutions for client.
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Monday, 19 September, 2022 / 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM IST
Case Study: Combining Human Intelligence, with Analytics and AI to Drive Business Impact

In this case study we will share our experience and learnings from building and managing an AI and advanced analytics solutions which is being used by investment teams at Fidelity to identify emerging themes, creating new thematic indices and investment products which are available to millions of Fidelity clients. Attendees to this session will get Insights on:
• Techniques to transition a project from a POC to an enterprise solution
• How to overcome the challenges around Data (unavailability, Inconsistency and quality) defining common taxonomy and AI algorithm maturity
• How business and D&A can collaborate to unleash Innovation

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